Systemic Business Coaching Training and Change Management in English Rostock by Lengler und Partner
Simply successfuller
Systemic Business Coaching Training and Change Management in English Rostock by Lengler und Partner
Simply successfuller
Systemic Business Coaching Training and Change Management in English Rostock by Lengler und Partner
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Do You Want to be One Step Ahead of your Competitiors?

Innovation, Progress, and Sustainability are Your Company Values?

Do you want to be one step ahead of your competitiors?

Innovation, progress, and sustainability are your company values?

Do you want motivated and dedicated employees, who are 100% committed to their work with all their heart?

Do you want executives, who are able to lead your teams through hard times as well? Who, during change processes, lift your employees to become participating colleagues & team players, so they can implement the change modules together?

Do you want a team of leaders, able to constructively & competently deal with any conflict?

Do you want executives, who are able to convert active & passive resistances into a positive energy thinking team for upcoming changes?

Do you want to explore and activate the full potential of your employees to create an added value for the company?

Then contact us!

We are a strong comitted team that delivers systemic business coaching, systemic training, and systemic change management consulting, tailormade for your company's specific needs.

We accompany you from the strategic phase. Support you during the execution phase and during change projects. We have been and we are the specialists for change projects of small-, and middle-sized companies for longer than 12 years. We support you in a systemic and holistic way and think outside the box. We offer precisely tailored development modules for your specific situation and your company goals. We develop your employees. We train and activate your staff ressources for the change of your company. With us, you will achieve a holistic and sustainable company culture that uses its positive energy to lead professionally through change projects. A company culture, open for improvement, that is willing to learn from its mistakes and is comprised of employees and executives, who are able to actively use their knowledge for upcoming transformational processes. On to brighter ways and new horizons.

Lengler & Partner - LP- Power & Passion

Systemic Coaching What Systemic Business Coaching can create and afford within your change processes. Get more information
Systemic Training A ressource-oriented approach for a sustainable & visible improvement for your executives. Get more information
Systemic Change Management Consulting Holistic controlling of change and transformation processes and rooting them deeply into your affected employees. Let your employees become active change participants. Get more information

A practice-oriented toolbox for managers for the daily world of executives
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ISBN: 978-3-648-05060-6 at Amazon


An authentic interview with Marcus Reinke, Sales Trainer, and Cassandra Schlangen, Business Consultant, and the Systemic Business Coaching Training Instructor Sandra Lengler.

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Feel the Difference Emotional leading – Neuroleadership Get more information
Feel the Power Activating your own resilience power Get more information

Welcome on board! Let's reach new horizons together. Get to know us. We will accompany you on your new change course.

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