Success Factor HR Management

Is your staff 100% motivated?

Do your staff arrive at work with a smile on their face every morning?

Do they like and positively speak about their employer?

Do your staff walk the extra mile for the company?

Are your employees always committed to their clients?

Employer Branding, Employment Power, On Boarding are some keywords the HR management has to deal with.

On a strategic management level, as well as on the operative level, HR management is responsible for the holistic progression. Sociopolitical, economical, and technological influences, as well as various stakeholders of the company, are reflected and newly adjusted in the HR processes.
Often, the HR management's thoughts and actions are not aligned with the business strategy, although the HR processes heavily influence the business structure, the business culture, and the business strategy.

Here lies an essential key for success for a future-oriented HR business control.

Especially for SMB, the CEO level is also responsible for the HR management, or a single HR manager is subordinated to the CEO. Often, the HR processes are considered individually.

Now we come into the process.

The systemic thought and action approach expects a derivation of the HR strategy from the business strategy. A target group specific communication designed is an essential process, that is implemented through all three FROM-TO-HOW phases of systemic consulting. In the process, HR managers also decide about the event-, and incentive-related communication.
Here, we want to give you an impulse, how an appreciative and efficient communication becomes alive, via the following communication rules:

The Story – The Three Sieves of Socrates

One day, the old wise Socrates walks down the street, when all of a sudden a man runs up to him "Socrates, I have to tell you something about your friend who..."

"Hold up", Socrates interrupts him, "About the story you're about to tell me, did you put it trough the three sieves?"

"Three sieves?" The man asks. "What three sieves?"

"Let's try it" Socrates says.

"The first sieve is the one of truth, did you examine what you were about to tell me if it is true?" Socrates asks.

"Well no, I just heard it" The man says.

"Ah, well then you have applied the second sieve, the sieve of being good?" Socrates asks "Is it something good what you're about to tell me?"

"Hm no, on the contrary" the man answers.

"Hmmm" The wise man says "Let's use the third sieve then, is it necessary to tell me what you're so exited about?"

"No not necessary" the man says.

"Well" Socrates says with a smile "If the story you're about to tell me isn't true, good, or necessary, just forget it and don't bother me with it."

When we told this little story to the executives of a company, the affected employees cognited how it can be possible to create an appreciative communication in the company. These executives individually visualised the story of the THREE SIEVES on their office doors. During the following meetings, the communication rules were adjusted according to the THREE SIEVES. Three months later we had a review appointment. Every affected executive reported a noticeable, more positive company feeling. And, essentially, how much more time the executives suddenly had for their important tasks.

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