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"If the quality of a headhunter is measured by the speed and efficiency in which he presents a selection of perfectly fitting prospects, Lengler & Partner are the top!"

Dr. Peter Ludwig Executive Vice President


"Lengler & Partner convinced us with their industry know-how and their spot on evaluation of our candidates, based on our highly demanding profile. The amount of work for the selection process was therefore reduced to a minimum for us as a client."

Thomas Weidland Country Manager


"What impressed us most from Lengler & Partner was, how they found the best candidate for us within 4 weeks, despite the immense time crunch and the highly demanding profile in terms of specialised professional competences. We can highly recommend Lengler & Partner, because a company stands and falls with a good team."

Prof. Dr. Sordyl Managing Director


Coaching & Training

Teamcoaching for a middle-sized export business (50 employees)

Goal:  Team building


  • Systemic Management Coaching, St. Galler management approach
  • Indoor-& Outdoor excercises
  • Functional transparence, what does a team consist of, what are the benefits of being a strong team?


  • Significant enhancement of the information communication flow within the team
  • Increased efficiency during meetings, due to more tolerance and acceptance
  • Saving of time ressources for conflict resolvement

Training with a middle-sized research business (65 employees)

Goal: more successful with negotiations


  • Harvard Business Concept
  • Self-concept & public image with the help of roleplaying excercises
  • Individual capability diagnosis
  • Derivation of specific methods for every participant to become better at negotiating


  • Significant improvement of contract negotiations
  • Increased customer satisfaction

III. Decision Coaching

"Dear Miss Lengler,

thank you very much for this insightful coaching. It may come a time during business life, where one asks himself: „Am I still doing the right things“, and „Am I doing things right?“

I am happy to say that your objective and systemic coaching approach, and your direct way of „straight talk“, were of great help for me. If I ever need professional help again, I will certainly come to you. I wish you a lot of future success and all the best.“

IV. Vision Coaching

"Dear Miss Lengler,

I hereby want to thank you again personally. I finally see myself and know what my inner fire is burning for. My new business runs smoothly and I am looking forward to working with you again."


Strategy Consultation & Operative Execution

Assignment: Strategy Consultation

Goal: Optimizing the administration processes of a middle-sized industry business


  • Process analysis of the company's commercial divisions
  • Capability analysis of these divisions' employees
  • Strategic concept development and documentation of the new processes
  • Adjustment of the organisational structure of the company to support the new processes
  • Development and execution of a new training plan for the employees


  • Significant increase of efficiency of the divisions
  • Recruitment expenses decreased by 20%
  • Innovative time management
  • Decreasing error rate due to the new work processes
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Assignment: Operative Implementation

Goals: New personell management structure for a middle-sized business in the consumer goods branch


  • Analysis of the existing organsational structure and the modus operandi in the personell area
  • Development of a new personell management system
  • Development of work processes, performance evaluation systems & bonus systems
  • Staff capability analysis for the personell division
  • Personell recruitment and selection
  • Drilling the new processes with the respective employees


  • Longterm added value for the company, focusing on the expansion strategy
  • Recruitment and turnover expenses reduced by 25%
  • Motivated staff member, willing to give more than 100% for their company

Testimonial for the trainings module: Systemic Business Coaching

Current and former participants of our trainings module 'Systemic Business Coaching' can be found on our extra website ihr-business-coach.eu. Here we created a new plattform for our trained business coaches for quality and professionalism in Systemic Business Coaching with our registered trademark and quality brand BUSINESS COACH(BC)®.

Testimonials, live and authentic! Interviews with former participants of our trainings! Click here.

Comment by James McConachie |

Really excellent course. Presentation was the best I have come across. Sandra in particular was extremely engaging, with a fantastic manner and exactly the right tone throughout. Conversing in both English and german fluently was also greatly appreciated.

Comment by Sergey Kinburg |

We had two days change management seminar thought by Sandra Lengler and Marcus Reinke. Absolutely fantastic, passionate, energetic and useful seminar. I am so thankful because what they hammered into our heads may change things from worst to better!

Comment by Spiridon CIORBA |

I enjoyed every minute of the course. At the end I realized that I gathered greate usefull information.
An excellent course very well conducted by Sandra.

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