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Who we are

We are a strong team with various experience competences

We are a strong team with various experience competences. Our core competence is the systemic approach. Here, we train, coach, or consult you on eye level. Sandra Lengler, trainer, instructor and leader for systemic business coaching & change management at Haufe Academy, Marcus Reinke trainer for agile leadership in digital transition at the Haufe Academy and Arne Lengler, a successful entrepreneur in the hotel management industry, will holistically support you in your individual needs and questions.

What can you expect from us?

We work goal and service oriented for our customers. Discretion and reliability, combined with an honest, appreciative feedback culture, are the basic ingredients of our work.

With heart, soul and mind, we work as systemic business coaches, guide you through your personal barriers and business change themes. Together with your executives, we develop a new strategy compass and support you and your crew, even through hard times of your new course readjustment in your business. In change processes and change projects, we often find that executives want to enrich certain skills. In this case, we train your leaders within a systemic context. They increase their method-competence. An own toolbox for systemic thinking & leading clears space and creates more flexibility in a leader's daily routines. The new communication and leading techniques of your team will be refreshed and practiced on a regular basis, because until a neuronal embedding takes place, constant support is necessary for a longlasting change in the leading and communication skills.
When we support you with our systemic change management approach, we live by the motto: Doing it right from the beginning, means less corrections in the end. Therefore, thinking outside the box is important for longterm success. With us, you are always sailing the „blue ocean“ and will be able to be one seamile ahead of your competitors. Nothing is more stable than constant change.

Lengler & Partner LP- Power & Passion

What differentiates us?

Our 7 USPs for systemic business coaching, systemic training and systemic change consultation

  • With us, you will become able to make decisions and actively take on changes.
  • See things clearer and develop a motivating and attractive goal for yourself, your business, and your team.
  • Experience for yourself, how you are more successful and willing to constantly controlling your behaviour in challenging situations.
  • Not only do you feel your cognitive insight, to change things, but you also experience an emotional interest in tackling changes executing them for your professional sustainability.
  • Your crew and your executive ranks work together with you on the new goals.
  • Experience an active business error culture. Here, you and your staff will learn from and with each other. Together, you will use your ressources for the new road.
  • Revive and experience new strategies together. This will secure your business competences and aliveness.
Transparent result & process orientation

The targets we agree upon are distinct and measurable. The quality and success of our executed coaching, training, or consulting modules are measurable by the results we achieve together with you. Factually defined success criteria give orientation and transparence for the whole support process.

We guide you to your longlasting success with our heart, soul, and mind.

Specialised expertise

We are certified systemic business coaches by DVCT and the University Certificate.
We have our own trademark – Business Coach (BC)®. We create exclusiveness for our training participants that want to advance theirselves and activate their coaching competence as an executive manager. For more information, check out our Youtube video  instructional movies for systemic business coaching. Our specialist book „Method Collection for Business Coaches & Business Mediators“, published at Haufe Verlag 2015, is still a surefire way for professionalism and quality. Furthermore, we have certifications of MSA® and DISG® for our clients, in order to develop staff on a personal and specialised level.

Longstanding professional and leadership experience

We know your business due to our own longstanding professional and leading experience in prestigious national and international companies. This field competence guarantees a distinct practice orientation. Our thoughts & actions are influenced by an entrepreneurial point of view.

Core competence

In our daily business world, we concentrate on what we are great at. That way, we live what we preach to our clients during the consultation. Requests that lie outside of our core competence, will usually be forwarded to suitable experts. This maintains our longlasting success, which is rightly expected from our clients.

Continuous advanced training

We invest in our own avanced training on a regular basis. In that way, we ensure, that we permanently use up-to-date knowledge and practice oriented methods. Additionally, our high demand for quality is constantly satisfied through supervision and collegial consultation. Our next book for the scope of systemic change management will be a guarantor for constant high quality.


Come on board! Let's find new ways together.

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Systemisches Coaching Was systemisches Business Coaching in ihren Veränderungsprozessen leisten kann. Ganzheitliches Denken und Tun. Get more information
Systemisches Training Ein ressourcenorientierter Ansatz für eine nachhaltige & spürbare Veränderung bei ihren Führungskräften. Get more information
Systemische Change Management Beratung Ganzheitlich Change- und Transformationsprozesse im Unternehmen steuern und nachhaltig bei den betroffenen Mitarbeitern verankern. Machen Sie ihre betroffenen Mitarbeiter zu aktiven Beteiligten Change Akteuren. Get more information
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