Personnel Development Management

Do you want to guarantee your competitive ability by satisfied employees?

The satisfied-staff-index of your company could be increased?

The attractiveness of the employer image shall be improved?

Do you want to activate your employees' innovative powers?

Furthermore you want to advance and develop the competences of your staff?

Now we come into the process.

We develop your company specific personnel development management with you, based on your business strategy.
Matching your strategic goals and the company's specific demands.

Therefore, an individual personnel development process is essential. This can be adjusted in accordance with the current change topics of the personnel development management.

The Detailed Personnel Development Process:

The Systemic Demand Analysis

Your personnel development process starts with a systemic demand analysis, based on the hierarchy chart of your business. The individual demands on the staff level will be compared to the demands of the company level. That way, the following key points of personnel work can be deducted e.g.: career goals as well as the development of new competence fields. On a company level, the following topics can be analysed during the organisation analysis: the current and future operational areas for the personnel, the core competences as well as policies and values of the company.

Planning of Personnel Development Goals

It is very important for the client to define his milestones for his company/area/division targets on a short, middle, and longterm basis for his personnel development goals, as well as describing his existing and necessary key qualifications.

Planning of Personnel Development Measures

Together with our client, we derive ressource oriented, realistic, and measurable activities. Here, creating a tailormade communication design for the company staff is the most important step during the personnel development process. Wrong information, unclear communcation, and missing communication are the usual stumbling blocks. A transparent communication concept, integrating the various employee groups, is the key here.

Execution of Personnel Development Measures

Here, the strong and appreciating communication competence of your HR personnel managers and from Lengler & Partner – the HR specialists, is asked for. It is another core piece of successful personnel development work. A stringent & transparent process execution for the individual personnel development measures is the fundament of a healthy personnel development work in the company.

Controlling and Transfer of Personnel Development Success

The investment in your personnel will bear fruits. The measurability of the Return of Investments (ROI) of your employees is a constant process for the HR management. A transparent communication between HR management and the affected employees is a key for a successful personnel development work.

We accompany you on your way to your personnel development work. We support you through highly personal situations in your company.

Passion – Performance – Permanent success!

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