Courage for New Ways

„The decision is up to you. You are solely responsible for what you do, or what you don't do." a good friend and colleague once told me. This opened my eyes.

Every person decides every day about what he wants to do and what he doesn't want to do. Often, people feel an unknown inner unrest. They know that they have to change something, or the system they are working or living in, will change them. That creates stress. The body releases the first signs that it can't go on like this forever, and then the question arises: What comes next?
Human Beings love their comfort zone. They know exactly where to find what. And suddenly he or she shall leave that zone?
In this systemic coaching, you will realize and activate your power for your new way. You'll become more courageous. Your environment will realize that you made a decision. Your heart will beat faster.

Trust yourself, and your environment will trust you.

We accompany you on your way to your new horizon, to achieve your new goals. We activate your implicit motives for the new "comfort" zone.
We solve your intrinsic blockades.
Your mantras:

„I can't do this“,

„I won't make it“,

„This is expected from me“,

„It has always been done this way in our company.“

Will be solved and changed into:

„I can make it, because…“

„I have the following skills:…“

„I can finally do and try all these things I always wanted to do“,

„It is fantastic to do something new every day.“

„It is so simple and easy to do things this way now.“

„My heart is inspired, my mind has new ideas, and my gut tells me to GO for it.“

That's why we understand ourselves as supporters and companions in a systemic context.
With us, you will reach your new horizons, no matter if the times are stormy or calm.
Come on board! It is your desicion!
If you read so far, we have THREE heart questions:

  • What has limited you to go forward for your new way?
  • What exactly holds you in your current comfort zone in your life, and keeps you clinging to your habits?
  • And what do you need, so that you have the guts to do the next step into your new direction?

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