Systemisches Coaching

What is Systemic Coaching

We hear this question regularly from our clients and seminar participants. Over the last years, working with the systemic approach became a standard for a holistic and sustainable support during change projects and change processes in companies.

What is the added value of systemic thinking and action?

The systemic visualization of change themes establishes a clear and transparent picture for the affected and involved groups. Moreover, any process levels, e.g. company-, management-, and support-processes are thoroughly went over in all their change dimensions, like the business culture, the business structure, and the business strategy, according to the change demands of the affected stakeholders.

In any transformation process, the focus lies on the individual person, who is part of this change. He is part of the business system.Therefore he can make his decision of joining or leaving the change.

What happens, if the employee doesn't support the new ideas, or doesn't want to follow them?

This is where systemic coaching approaches on an interpersonal level. With the systemic approach, blockades can be found and resolved. Afterwards, future-oriented solutions are developed during a coaching, together with the coachee.

What happens, if several people disagree with each other and see and feel themselves as "rivals"?

Changes can be taken from a company point of view, but can be viewed also from an interpersonal level as well. There, conflicts between people exist on the relationship level during change processes. The systemic business coach has the distinct task to work out the levels of interest of the affected conflict parties during the coaching process, so as to mutually work out target-oriented solutions and measures.

What happens holistically during change projects in the company?

During complex change processes like the sale of the company, or merger projects, successions, or the launching of new products, various stakeholders and groups within the company, and outside partners like customers, suppliers, and service partners, are involved. This is where the systemic business coaching approaches on an intraorganisational level. The systemic change support is tasked with accompanying the client through the holistic change process, from the goal compass, up to the final implementation of the developed measures. Upcoming resistances and blockades during change projects are part of the human being. Because humans like their comfort zone very much, and are absolutely unwilling to give it up without any trouble. And no one goes swimming in unknown waters, smiling, careless and unknowing about everything that lies beneath the surface of the water.

The systemic business coach supports, builds, and develops ideas and solutions together with the individuals that should swim in unknown waters now. These solutions are highly individual and tailormade for the ressources of the affected employees, because we work with a ressource-oriented solution process during systemic coaching. Only when the person participates in the creation of the solution,he will be more willing to actually take these newly developed steps. That is the fine difference and the USP of the systemic approach, compared to other solution oriented procedures.

What does the systemic coaching process look like during change projects?

Source: Sandra Lengler, Systemic-Change-ProCess SCP © 2016

Support during the implementation phase of goal oriented measures is vital for a longlasting embedding. This is where our coaching competence and our strong process orientation come into the change. We establish the right steps for your newly defined way.

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