Feel the Power.

Die eigenen Resilienz Kräfte aktivieren.

The secret of psychic resilience

Do you want to stay calm and easy in stressful situations?

Do you want to strengthen yourself for the next important appointments?

Do you want to embrace yourself for burn-out and avolition?

Then come and experience 4 unique days on Mallorca.

Focus group:

Executives, managers, and decisionmakers on any level, who want to strengthen their personality and realign their leadership compass.

„Feel the Power“ - Feeling Hands-On Strategies


  • What are my personal drives?
  • What intrapersonal values are guiding me?
  • How can I overcome my personal bounderies?
  • How can I deal with resistance in the daily life with more ease?
  • How can I increase my personal and professional impact?
  • Cracking fears – experiencing and overcoming personal boundaries
  • Perceiving stress symptoms and converting them into positive energy

Addidtionally you will be able to:

  • Control extreme situations with ease
  • Seeing Emotions as a transmitter for strengthening your self confidence
  • Feeling and controlling your own primal instincts
  • What body and mind can achieve in alliance
  • Improving your self-developed vigilance
  • Integration of your own values into your daily work life
  • Learn how to 'control of thoughts = control of your success'
  • „Develop your own self-management idea for crisis situations“

Your benefits:

The holistic control of body & mind
- activating your own resilient powers -

  • you experience the difference between self-, and other-determination
  • Improve your own leadership compass
  • power & impulses to overcome your own barriers with ease
  • create self-confidence for new trails in life
  • increase your consciousness of intrapersonal motives & values
  • dissolve your own fear
  • strengthen the mental power


  • experiencing vision and value work through self-exercises in the nature & partner exercises
  • Systemic self-control-compass, ressource management analysis
  • Johari feedback, transaction analysis, couple interviews


A general body fitness is an advantage for the seminar.

Your investment:

Dates: 27.10.2016 – 30.10.2016 on Mallorca - Eventfinca.

Your investment for 4 days resilient powers – Feel the Power

  • 1350 Euro early booking net price, application deadline 01.08.2016
  • 1490 Euro standard net price, application deadline 30.09.2016.

Therefor you will get:

  • 3 nights in double rooms on the event finca, single room available at a premium price
  • 3 dinner, barbecue, as well as healthy, vital dinner cooking
  • 3 active breakfasts
  • including drinks for the daily events
  • Daily events like trekking or rappeling and many more

Your personal value:

  • Development of your own leadership compass
  • Strenghtening your own resilient power

Contact us. We will gladly consult you. Simply apply via e-mail. You can check out the seminar here in full detail, including the application form.

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