Feel the Change.

Motive-Based Vision Coaching

Are you currently stuck on a personal or professional level?

You want to go further, but don't know how?

You are no longer motivated and full of energy at work?
Your team would like to create things mutually again?

Your team wants to work together more consensus-oriented?

Your team should learn how to evade conficts and convert conflict tensions into positive energy?
Then come on board!

Find out what your heart desires. Find out what you need, in order to return to work with fire in your eyes!

Your added value for you and your teams:

  • Feel the power of your decisions
  • Feel the power for your personal & professional changes
  • Feel the Change for the new cultural change
  • „One for all – All for one!“
  • Resolving conflicts for a sustainable future

With us, you will reach new horizons. Your added value in short:

  • One night on board of the yard
  • Dinner in nature
  • A healthy skipper breakfast
  • Personal goal structure analysis
  • 33 page analysis with individual evaluation dialog
  • Individual log-book with self-tailormade solution ideas
  • On board coaching support with 2 top coaches
  • 2 telephone coachings, in your implementation phase within 8 weeks

Dates for Motive-Based Vision Coaching:

08.08.-09.08.2016 Application deadline 01.08.2016
08.09.-09.09.2016 Application deadline 15.08.2016

Prices: for the special edition price of  888 € instead of 1666€

Minimum amount of participants 4-8 persons

City: Hanseatic City of Rostock Warnemünde

Boarding: Warnemünde, Seglerhafen at 2 pm

Disembarking: Warnemünde, Seglerhafen around 6 pm

We are looking forward to get to know you! click here to download the flyer. For more information, please don´t hesitate to contact us!

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