Strength lies in the calmness for understanding things and moving new things.

Serenity in Complaint Management

Strength lies in the calmness for understanding things and moving new things.

The telephone is ringing relentlessly. You listen to customer complaints all day. You start to justify yourself. The customer feels even less understood than before. The dialogue with the customer escalates. He wants to talk to the manager and so on...

Did you learn how to deal with rude or emotional customers on the phone or face to face during your previous trainings? But somehow, it didn't really work out for quite some time? Are you unsatisfied and take your professional frustration home with you?

Then come to our systemic training for serenity in complaint management.

Here you will explore new personal ressources that you can use to remain calm during upcoming negative dialogues.

You develop new techiques on how to remain unaffected by the emotional spiral of your opposite, and how to remain focused instead, so that you actively bring your professional competence into the dialogue.

You learn all by yourself, how to be appreciative in your area of effect even in conflict situations in your company, you will be able to use these techniques for yourself. That way, your power and strength won't be sucked out. Instead, you will be going home with positve energy.

Do you have employees that constantly complain about their co-workers, customers, or other people?

Then come on board. We accompany you during your personal development of the ability to deal with difficult and challenging people.

We support your staff in a new, customer oriented CRM process.

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