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Systemic Change Management Consulting

The new measures in your company create resentment among your staff?

The top sellers of your sales team want to abandon ship?

Staff with crucial key qualifications don't want to follow the new directions the company is heading to?

You as the CEO feel the tension among your staff?

Now we will come into the process.

During change processes, it is of essential importance to have an established fully explanatory map of the new company course, that is comprised of everything, starting with the first thought of a necessary change in the company, right up to the longlasting implementation of the new solutions, work packages, and structural changes. For the development of the company, the three pillars of success are process expertise, a company specific communication culture, and a leadership culture. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, handling enough manpower and all the other components of the company is often neglected. This is where we support you with our systemic knowledge and competence. „If the meal is stirred enough right from the beginning, less will be burnt at the end“. We take a closer look with you at the ingredients (ressources) you will need for your recipe, so that it tastes good for every involved employee. Let your employees become active participants on the way to your new course. Let them feel what it takes to implement new processes into your company.

On the CEO and management level, you will always need supporters from various divisions within your company. Holistic change intentions will only be implemented into the company processes in the longer term, if all the involved employees are notified respectively. This is a guarantor for a clear change story.

The change story

The change story has to describe all current problem areas of the company. Here, it is important that the change manager finds a good relation that emotionally addresses the involved employees. The story is virtually the vehicle for the most important messages, and why these new change modules are so important for the company. Here, a couple of success factors that have to be considered:

  • What great changes did we achieve as a team in the past and present time?
  • What are our expectations about the new future plans?
  • How do the employees benefit from the new company direction?
  • Transparency and measurabilty of the benefits for the affected employees

A vision is necessary, if you want to motivate and excite someone for new ways. We will support you in making this vision as vivid as possible.

One of our successful steps is working with the Blue-Ocean-Strategy method. It is an effective approach to develop a vision-mission-derivating tailormade goals compass for the company.

The Blue-Ocean-Strategy method

Here, we take a closer look at your current „red-ocean“ and develop a way to a healthy, vital, and long-living blue-ocean, together with your executives and your management. That way, you are directing your company and your services or products towards a new product lifecycle. Less competition, higher margins, new target groups and many more. Everything is possible with a blue-ocean for your company.

Your competitive competences are lying in your hands. Innovation, the willingness of your employees and the joy of creating new things are the guarantor for your success.

What can additionally be helpful for your new course? Rituals.


Celebrate the act of leaving old structures with the involved employees. Even moving into a new building represents for your employees that they loose their old office rooms. Let your employees have a positive farewell. Of course, the new structures, new contact persons, and new working tools, are NEW for the affected employees. On your way of the new course, celebrate the things you achieved already in short time periods. Just like in sports, a relay race can only be won as a team.

Yes, we can do it….“ Lengler&Partner


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